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This articles is write by and take from introduce of the ebook self. As we all know, search engine optimization (SEO) is important to our online business regardless of what it is. We must do SEO to boost the rankings of our websites or that of our clients. For me, it’s both. We’re doing search engine optimization campaigns to rank our own websites and for our client sites as well.

I offer SEO services to make a living. In 2008, we started NewGenre Solutions, which today offers all kinds of online business solutions. It offers SEO, SMM, PPC, Web Development and other similar/related services. NewGenre website ranks #1 on Google for highly competing keywords like ‘Quality SEO’, ‘Quality SEO Services’, etc.

To begin your SEO efforts, your website (or your client websites) needs to be perfectly optimized on-site. It’s not mandatory to do all the on-site SEO stuff. You can still rank your websites with brilliant off-site SEO. However, having done the basic on-site SEO will help you to ease your SEO, especially after the Google Panda update. So I will say it’s 50-50.

SEO, a Money Making Business
If you search on Google, you can see that top SEO companies charge thousands of dollars to boost a website’s search engine rankings. Clients are willing to pay this since they know how important it is to make sure their websites rank well on Google. That’s the primary source of traffic and only then their business gets more sales and money.

I myself have clients who pay me thousands of dollars every month for doing SEO. In this business—in any business—to get more business your clients must feel that you’re a reliable and trustworthy person. To be
frank, if you are able to do some good SEO stuff and if you’re intelligent, SEO is a real money maker. I prefer to find clients who have only a little information about SEO. Because these people won’t bargain much and they pay well and on-time. The Warrior Forum itself is a great place to find your clients. You can offer services to other warriors there by building a good reputation. Make more and more connections with other marketers which will directly help you to improve your knowledge and business. You can also try offering your services on other webmaster forums like Digital Point (I started out there), Net Builders, NamePros, V7 Network, Tycoon Marketplace, Guru, Odesk, Elance, etc. There are a lot of wonderful places to get started.

SEO, a Money Making JOB

I think, this is the best approach to offering SEO as a service. It’s my
personal opinion though. Here is why I think so:

I had a client in 2009 who was paying me $600 every month for a six month SEO campaign to rank his PR Media service website. We did the job perfectly and his site got ranked in four months (he paid us for the
rest of two months though). So we got a total of $3.6k for the entire campaign, which is pretty good.

But, I was thinking the other way. What if that website was mine? It was a website where the earning potential would definitely be over 10k a month. Without earning that much nobody will pay someone for SEO. To test this strategy, I created a website in 2010 where we offered PR services as our own. In three months we got the first page position on Google for the main keywords. And the site started to earn $300-$400 from AdSense alone. We had some service orders too. Within the next 6 months we could transform the website to perfect money maker and now it’s making a minimum of 2000 USD a month.

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