I Got Paid By RedGage and Making Money With RedGage!

I introduced the Redgage social bookmarking site, we sure have gotten all fired up over this new site that PAYS YOU to submit links to your own online content.Took a little less than two weeks and I got my RedGage Visa debit card in the mail!

How To Get Paid By RedGage

Once you reach $25, you can request a payment from RedGage. Simply go to your account and click account at the top left. Then, click “balance” and select the amount you’d like to withdraw.
Your first payment from RedGage will come as a Visa gift card that you can use like a Visa credit card anywhere Visa is accepted. All future payments from RedGage will be added to that gift card - so don’t throw it away!

While it takes about 2 weeks to get your initial gift card, it only takes a few hours for future payments to be loaded to your Visa card.

Pretty nifty! I sure love me some free money!

Getting My RedGage Visa Card In The Mail

I actually got my RedGage Visa card in the mail last Thursday, but since the hubby and I were running away to the mountains this past weekend, I didn’t have a moment to get this post up for y’all.

Make Money with Redgage.com

RedGage provides users with various opportunities to monetize content. RedGage members make money from unique page views to their original content. Each user has a customized rate for each 1000 views. To start making money, add your content to RedGage and check your Account Section. Once you receive the minimum amount, you can withdraw your earnings with a RedGage Debit Card. Good luck making money on RedGage!

How To Get The Most From Your Free eBook Marketing Campaign

First, your ebook needs to have an attractive title.
The title should grab the attention of your intended
target audience. The more appealing the title, the
more your ebook will be downloaded.

Your ebook needs to have quality content. You
can write your own content or ask permission to
use another author's content. Your ebook will be
read more if the content is original.

You will want to put your ad on the title page or
on the table of contents. This will give the most
exposure for your web site or the products you're selling.